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The philosophy of computer games

Forskere: John R. Sageng, Hallvard Fossheim og Tarjej M .Larsen

Tildelt støtte: 2012

Arbeids-/studiested: UiO, IFIKK 


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Computer games have become a major cultural an economic force, and the last decade has seen the emergence of extensive academic study of such games. Up until now there has been no attempt to present a spectrum of philosophical problems that arise specifically from the phenomenon of computer games. This book fill this lacuna by bringing philosophers and media researchers together in discussions of the basic concepts needed to understand computer games.

In 2005, a group of Norwegian philosophers contacted the Center for Computer Games Research at the IT-University in Copenhagen, with a view to organizing a seminar on ontological issues in computer games. The seminar was a success, and from then on a network of philosophers and game theorists emerged as new events were organized in Reggio Emilia, Potsdam, Oslo, Athens an Madrid.

In this book the authors aim to broaden the scope of this effort by bringing together essays dealing with philosophical issues raised by computer games. The book falls in three parts. The first, "Player and Play", takes its point of departure the basic and irreducible facts of play as definitive for gaming. "Ethics and Play" then considers the moral and social aspects of gamers agency. The third and final part of the volume, "Games and Gameworld" asks about the reality of the gaming environment.