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Reader figures for the media industry: Huge measurement for the Altaposten

 On Tuesday, the Media Companies National Association (MBL) in collaboration with TNS Gallup released its second readership survey for 2019. The speeches are ready; The Finnmark newspapers that are included in the survey have made good progress from the previous survey.



For Altaposten, the increase is in more products. The increase is particularly evident on paper and mobile. The media house notes 900 on paper (from 6,600 to 7,500 readers) and 2,600 on mobile (from 6,900 to 9,500 readers). In addition, the newspaper can list 100 more eavis readers. On the PC / Mac and tablet, the newspaper on the site is resting, with as many readers as in the previous survey. Total numbers increase by 15 percent, from 12,600 to 14,500 readers. - We are very pleased with this measurement, which confirms what we see in our own measurements. The newspaper is in a nice trend in terms of readership. We are really pleased to have seen such a sharp increase in paper - that we are increasing strongly on mobile use is a trend some other newspapers are also experiencing. We also see that other newspapers have a decline on PC / Mac, here we stay stable, comments editor Rolf Edmund Lund.

Strong on the radio He appreciates that people use the media house to such an extent, on all areas where the Altaposten is present. - Radio Alta has incredible listeners, we see this summer passed the flagship NRK1 and became Alta's largest radio channel. We have a great presence on social media, especially Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. And we are visible in the public space, with a variety of events. This has not least become visible now through the anniversary year, Lund comments. - How is the local newspaper's position in these times when "fake news" and clickbait cases are prevailing on social media? - I would argue that in recent times it has hardly been more important with an independent, truth-seeking and truthful local newspaper than is the case now. The fact that we are living in a time where untruths dominate on multiple levels and where we have state leaders who legitimize attacks on the media's truth-seeking essence makes it even stronger that we live by the press's ideals. Also at the local level. Then both we in Altaposten and other media can make mistakes, we can not avoid that. Also FD / Finnmarken - which shares online newspaper through ifinnmark.no and thus has common figures for all digital surfaces - can note a nice increase in total from the previous measurement. The newspapers keep on paper. On their joint online newspaper ifinnmark.no the newspapers increase on mobile but lose readers on PC / Mac. In total, FD / Finnmarken notes 28,700 readers on mobile (up from 21,000) and 7,000 readers on PC / Mac (down from 8,200). Regular mobile increase Of national trends, MBL comments that 83 percent of the population uses Norwegian newspapers, either on paper or digitally. In particular, the mobile phone is chosen when news is to be summarized: - Norwegians want Norwegian editorial content, and they want it on mobile. Reader figures show that the good journalism that is produced every day in our media houses is read and used. These are good numbers, says CEO Randi S. Øgrey of the Media Companies' Landsforening. MBL reports a continued decline of 8.1 per cent for paper newspapers. Here are the Altaposten among the 12 titles that have gained more readers.