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- " Hyper " and " Arko " are probably very revealing and have tremendous achievements to show

Eight teams will battle for four places in the playoffs when Eserien heads to Bergen this weekend.




It is an exciting weekend to await the winner of the Eseries . Fire, Kristiansund, Mjøndalen and Sarpsborg are teams already waiting in the playoffs. Eight teams will be out in the playoff to decide who will take the last four playoffs. The first games of the playoff are already clear, and there are many goodies in store.   

In the playoff, teams do not advance until they have lost two games. Thus, there is an upper tree, and a lower tree. After some surprising results and table placements so far this season, this format probably favors the favorites, but that doesn't mean the underdogs can't make it to the playoffs. 

Watch the games in both the playoff and the playoffs from Friday at 3pm on Dplay »

Here are the different matches in the quarterfinals in the upper three: 

Jerv - Vålerenga
Sandnes Ulf - Kongsvinger
Raufoss - Stabæk
Viking - Lillestrøm

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Vålerenga - Jerv and Sandnes Ulf - Kongsvinger

The series' expert commentator Yngve Gjerde has talked to Gamer.no about who he believes wins the various duels. The Vålerenga against Jerv is really a big fight in the Eseries . During the seeding tournament at SpillExpo , Jerv knocked the blue shirts from Oslo. Gjerde thinks you should see a revelatory Vålerenga team.

Yngve Gjerde Photo: Private  

- It's a little bingo to predict who will take care of Vålerenga and Jerv. Four of Norway's very best FIFA players meet to gloom, but ultimately I believe that VIF draws the longest straw. " Hyper " and " Arko " are probably very lucrative and have huge achievements to show off. Anders Rasmussen did not seem completely comfortable during the group play and did not appear from his best side, and he must be turned on Friday if Jerv is to have a chance. Unfortunately for Rasmussen, talented Håvard Paulsrud and hard-working Jerv, I think some hell-bent reigning champions with a Norwegian champion on the team take it. 

The second match is a not so great settlement. Both Sandnes Ulf and Kongsvinger were teams you weren't really expected to see from their groups, but once they've come all the way and meet each other, chances are you'll see one of them in the playoffs. 

- Kongsvinger impressed me a lot during the group play, especially Behar Kovaci . He played great, and I think the key duel in that settlement is how Martin Thuve does it. However, Aleksander Klubben and Mathias Tollefsen are very good players, but if Thuve can get a result in his match, I think Kovaci can play Kongsvinger further. As it looks now, Kovaci is KIL's strongest card, Gjerde says.

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Raufoss - Stabæk and Viking - Lillestrøm

This is what the tree looks like before the playoff is decided. Photo: Altibox Series  

The match between Raufoss and Stabæk is another exciting match. Raufoss impressed in the group play with his newly composed duo, while Stabæk was close to reaching out to the People's Team. Gjerde believes that this fight is the hardest to predict.

- Raufoss impressed me tremendously during the group play, and especially Jonas Kvål took me by storm. The key duel is between he and Elias Thøgersen. They are Raufoss' and Stabæk's strongest cards respectively, and Stabæk are probably favorites - on paper. For me, this settlement is among the smoothest, and predicting a winner is a tough task. I think Stabæk will take this, but that being said, I guard myself a bit by saying that I will not be surprised at all if Raufoss wins.

Viking against Lillestrøm is the last match out. The Viking seemed very solid in the group play, and is probably the third best team in the playoff. Lillestrøm, for their part, were lucky that Start had a bad day as they made it to the playoff on goal difference. Gjerde was pretty clear on who he meant to win this settlement.

- Lillestream I am not sure. They have two good FIFA players, but Stian Myhre struggled in the group play and needed good performances from Martin Andre Larsen. It worked out, but they can't feel that way against Viking. Chris-Andre Skogland and Henrik Bjørøen are big players, and just sending Ranheim should be a scare in itself. Skogland is in great shape and with 2nd place in the NM, I think he and Bjørøen will move on comfortably.

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The expert's final judgment

Based on Gjerdes predictions from the first matches, it means that Sandnes Ulf, Jerv, Lillestrøm and Raufoss fall into the lower three, where one loss to send you home. At the same time, Vålerenga, Kongsvinger, Viking and Stabæk are just one win from the playoffs. 

When everything is finally concluded, Gjerde believes that Vålerenga, Jerv, Viking and Stabæk are the four teams to make the playoffs. 

- Throw Vålerenga, Jerv, Viking and Stabæk into the mix with endgame clear Brann, Mjøndalen, Sarpsborg 08 and Kristiansund, then you have a mix with very good teams, and no matter which side of the endgame they are on, the battle for victory will be fierce. It's just to look forward to lots of amazingly good FIFA, drama and nerves. I'm looking forward at least as a youngster, concludes Gjerde.