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The apps you should be away from!

Life is an app. Soon there will be an app that dries you behind if you need it. The apps, the important and unimportant, the useful and useless, and the apps you should definitely stay away from, are thriving on the web.



The police go out and warn parents who do not take the time to get to know their hopeful children and young people their wont online. Which app they download and which ones they shouldn't use. Mother and father let the young people control this themselves. It's not smart.

Lest? Your TV life is revolutionized 

Did you know as a mother that there are apps where children, regardless of age, can even comment on pictures they post, anonymously, to get negative or positive feedback? " Amihotornot " , is one such app where many people think they should be praised and praised, instead being bullied and harassed.

On Insta , Facebook, Snap and a host of idiotic apps, it's all about abuses, threats, harassment and bullying, which takes place on a large scale online.  

Via these apps that we want to recommend that you as parents or caregiver check about your children use - these should be removed from the phone as soon as possible.

We recently received a request from a mom who wants the Babysitter and the police to warn against " Likee " after experiences in the app with their own child. After this inquiry, we have read what parents abroad are writing about the app, and in short there are many warnings .



The apps you should be away from!

" Tellonym " is an app where you can be anonymous when you give comments and feedback, which again means according to Barnevakten.no , that it undoubtedly benefits all uses for threats, harassment and bullying. 

There are also apps that pedophiles use to connect with children.

The " Likee " app is used by many children who like to post movie clips they have made themselves, but who are picked out by dishonest actors, preferably men. Because the app is open to everyone, has a 16 year age limit, anyone who gets permission from parents can post videos.

The " Sarahah " app which means honest in Arabic is pretty much the same, here it applies to all users to comment on each other anonymously. This, in turn, is the source of harassment, bullying and threats.

Some schools and municipalities have closed the possibility that such apps can be downloaded or used via public WIFI networks. It is a good way to prevent serious incidents. The problem is that most people access the apps the moment they get home.

These apps can have consequences for children and adolescents who choose to stay for themselves, withdraw from friends, get depressed, drop out of school and eventually end up taking their own lives - in the end.

As most adults know, many young people need attention, feedback, confirmation and friends who care about them. Many crave likes and comments, and grow on the positive feedback, but become all the more shattered when it goes against them .

Falling outside or not having friends, or getting negative comments is the bully of today, children can be so fiercely careless and bad if they get a chance to push someone down - especially anonymously, so no one knows who they are.

Both boys and girls will be seen and valued for who they are, but sometimes it goes too far in search of attention. They meet someone who asks for a favor, they are promised both gifts and money if they dress in front of the camera - thus a dangerous journey towards a potential disaster is underway. We dare not even think of the consequences. Do you?

Criminals who want to use the apps for abusive contact with sexual preferences against children of all ages, use just such apps to make fantasy come true.

The truth about how vicious and fucking people, adults as young people can be, even against children - is almost impossible to believe.

To make the internet safer, the police need you to report. Provide police with information about identities, nicknames and incidents where children and adolescents are unsure of who they are talking to and their intentions. Call 02800 - around the clock.

In the worst case, an innocent app can cause your child to have problems that are not solved on their own . Unfortunately, the consequences of falling into such a desperate situation are rarely known.

We know for sure that children down to the age of nine have chosen suicide after facing challenges and problems - they have not even seen a constructive solution.

Show yourself as a caring parent, check the apps your kids visit daily through their own smartphones, and talk to kids about what's on the web. It may be the most important thing you do.

Source: Police.no