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Metal Gear 13. desember

Medium zombie fun with consumer- friendly business practices. Metal Gear Survive is a survival game based on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain , one of 2015's decidedly best games. Where the predecessor gave you great freedom to tackle the open world just the way you wanted, Metal Gear Survive offers a far more limited and repetitive experience.

With a particularly weak narrative , little variation in enemy types and hesitant microtransactions , I am somewhat uncertain as to why this game exists.

Dei fundamental spelmekanismane from Metal Gear series is in place, so it can be fun as well at times, but the game had passa better as an extension to the original than that EiT Eige spel .

GAME REVIEW: "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain " - Doesn't feel like the end, but the beginning of something big.

Flush-filled sci - fi vase
At the heart of the game is the construction of your base and the protection of the inhabitants from wandering dead. That means you have to collect resources to improve your defenses, build new houses, set up fields , create water purification systems , and not least murder all the zombie gear that comes your way.

Metal Gear Survive opens with EiT attack on " Mother Base" and you are ein of soldiers who defend the base. A wormhole materializes in the sky before it devours the entire area. Then the game uses the first hour of the introduction of a new dimension, Diter , a kind of version of hell.

This hellish dimension is filled by zombie- like creatures , Wanderers, who are infected by an unknown way of life. You might see the pattern here. The story is not quite the big deal. Dei Gong the game trying to convey something , it gets done via long, keisame filmsekvensar with lousy dialogue, presented by eindimensjonale shapes . Absolutely everything is pure, naked exposure.

The Metal Gear Solid series has always had a somewhat loose relationship with storytelling, but at least the stories have had a lot of charm. The fine- nothing here. The core slightly UTI the game , but då talks me fifteen hours into.

Get your hands on it
In the beginning you get absolutely everything in with t-skei. Developer for 've tydelegvis convinced himself that assisted steering has zero brain capacity, and not Klarar to find out something self .

You will be hald in his hand while the game shows you how, you Acquire food by hunting, fetch water in the bottles, and kill zombies with various weapons that you have to create at ein workbench.

The main base lies in the middle of a large, seemingly open map. It finds however only small area you can move freely, for most of the world is cover the by ein toxic cloud.

Then you need to wear an oxygen mask to explore. When trekkjer mask over your face, you can sneak through dei bleak desert lands, which are densely packed Wanderers. At the same time, it is important to keep track of oxygen, food and drink. The pageant has nemleg EiT aggressively system for survival, so you all the time have to be on the lookout for resources .
Too linear
The most memorable the experiencing I had with the game was the trip where I completely ignored my mission, and only wandered freely with spears on their backs and gunned down Wanderers with my gun.

The problem arose when I started to get little food and drink. I had passed away. I suddenly had I forte me to find ein new base out of the dust, and I actually had of feeling that to be stressed out. It was fun and challenging , but då eg Final arrived at ein base, fann I like that I do not activate it. It turned out that you can only use the bazaar that the game has given you a mission to associate with.

So Metal Gear Survive is far more linear than it should be . Explore Inga and survival system is the game's strengths, but developer for has unfortunately added ein big damper on this.

These are trends that are recurring . Eg look the same with stealth kampmekanismane , which was perfectly meister doctor in The Phantom Pain . Here, the fog is down to a minimum level. It does not help either not at all missions around the map only are variations of the same; activation of a new base, rescue operation for a helpless sack of a human, or construction of a new wormhole to store energy.

The combat system will be quickly tired of, because you only fight against dei same enemies over and over again. Especially difficult is it rather not . It could just as well give you one hour of good entertainment in the multiplayer , where you can invite three friends to the classic tower defense. A machine stands and spins to Open site plan EiT ormehòl , while they must holding the waves with Wanderers away. But honestly - everything can be fun if you have others with you.