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Drops disputed method: Posts from "special users" got less reach because they could create harassment

Tiktok was to take up the fight against online bullying.



The TikTok app drops the disputed method of restricting web content. Posts from "special users" got my third reach because they could create harassment.

People who were classified as "susceptible to harassment or web based on their physical or mental state" were restricted by the scope of posts, writes the German digital rights blog, NetzPolitik . They refer to leaked documents from the video sharing service TikTok . 

Gays and overweight were among the users that TikTok 's algorithms restricted, so other users on the social network should not see what they posted, the report states.

People with facial deformity, autism and Down syndrome also ended up on the list of "special users" where the videos were considered to pose a risk of bullying.


When asked about the article, the company stated that they had taken the wrong approach and that they had now abandoned the guidelines.

- Early after the launch of the service, we implemented this direct and temporary method, in line with an increase in bullying on the app. This was never designed to be a long-term solution, but a way to deal with a disturbing trend, a TikTok spokesman said .

The company would not comment on the details of the method or when it was removed.

TikTok was launched by the Chinese company ByteDance in September 2017 and has become one of the most popular social networks in the world. With 1.5 billion users in November, the service has grown beyond Instagram.

Users usually upload short video clips of themselves performing sketches, mimes to music or dances.

TikTok has previously faced adversity due to content censorship, which Chinese authorities believe is sensitive.

Last week, the company made a regret for removing a viral video condemning Chinese authorities' efforts against Muslims in the Xinjang region of China.


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TikTok ble lansert av det kinesiske selskapet ByteDance i september 2017 og har blitt en av de mest populære sosiale nettverkene i verden.