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Youtube about FIFA packages: - Would never recommend anyone to spend money on it 13. des

Youtuber " Randulle " has made it a job to open so-called " loot boxes" in the football game FIFA. Yet he is open to the fact that it may be right to ban it. - I would definitely never recommend buying FIFA points because it is bingo. I and other FIFA youtubers can take care of sacrificing our money for entertainment value. Do not spend money on something you do not have much left for, says Sander Austad Dale (21).

He is better known as Randulle , and runs Norway's largest gaming channel on Norwegian Youtube, with 150,000 followers .

The 21-year-old often posts so-called reaction videos, opening digital amazement packs of player cards in the FIFA football game.

The player cards are used in the game itself: The better the team, the easier it is to beat the opponent on the virtual football field.

- The packages can include anything from a Cristiano Ronaldo to a Nicklas Bendtner , so it's very bingo. You can never predict what you will get.

Ministry of Culture on " Loot Boxes"
In the Games Room, the government's video game strategy for 2020 - 2022, the following is called " loot boxes":

Loot boxes are virtual amazement packs that can be purchased in any computer game.
Loot boxes contain random rewards, such as shapes, items, game currency, or cosmetic upgrades (" skins ") that can be used in the game.
The value of the content varies widely, but the content is not known until after the purchase has been completed.
There are large variations in how much loot boxes cost from game to game.
Common to the different variants is that they resemble lottery and cash games.
Loot boxes also contain many of the same mechanisms that can cause gambling problems.
Some countries have banned loot boxes in computer games. The Ministry of Culture will make an assessment of whether loot boxes should fall under the gambling regulations in connection with the work on a new gambling law, which will be submitted for consultation in 2019. »
The Ministry of Culture informs NRK that a new gambling law will only be submitted for consultation during 2020.

Source: "Games Room, Government's Computer Gaming Strategy for 2010 - 2022"

Children spend thousands of dollars
This week a new edition of the FIFA football game is released. The most popular model is called "FIFA Ultimate Team", where the player can put together his dream team.

But it costs.

Packages of football cards of players can be opened with so-called FIFA Points, which can be purchased for real money.

NRK has been in contact with several parents who tell of the pressure from the children to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade their team in FIFA.

"There is no doubt that the children use it as gambling," says the two-child mother Stine.

Background: Postpones bill on FIFA packages: - No doubt the kids use it as gambling
FIFA Points
The most expensive packages of FIFA points in FIFA 20 cost over 800 kroner.

- Uses money you don't have
For over two years, the Ministry of Culture has been considering whether to ban the loot boxes in FIFA as gambling. This week, NRK could tell that the proposal for a new gambling law has been put on hold until 2020.

Randulle is followed by thousands when he opens FIFA packages, generating Youtube advertising revenue. The most popular FIFA packages cost hundreds of dollars without being guaranteed a good player card.

- If it is defined as gambling, the game may also have an 18-year limit. I think it really should be like that. The often young children who get anxious, who want to spend money they don't necessarily have. It can be difficult to have control at times.

Asked if he supports a legal regulation of in-game loot boxes, Randulle points out that FIFA Points are already banned in Belgium and the Netherlands.

- I'm a little divided. I personally liked that FIFA wasn't " pay to win ," says Randulle , who still believes the company behind FIFA, EA Sports, has become better at giving prizes for playing the game, rather than spending money.

Randulle opens FIFA packages
There is a lot of emotion in the swing when Sander Austad Dale, also known as " Randulle ", opens FIFA packages on her Youtube channel.

- Tempting for vulnerable groups
Although the Ministry of Culture, in its video game strategy, writes that loot boxes "contain many of the same elements that cause problems with gambling," the decision on a possible ban is put on hold.

Kristine Meek
Kristine Meek, director of communications, consulting and analysis at the Media Authority.

NRK has been in contact with several experts and professionals, who are divided in the view of whether there is a need for further regulation of loot boxes in computer games.

The Media Authority also doubts whether regulation is correct.

Still, Kristine Meek, director of communications, consulting and analysis, says she considers loot boxes to be problematic because they can create a temptation for children, adolescents and other vulnerable groups.

- The Media Authority believes that the PEGI system (which puts age recommendations on computer games) should take this issue more seriously, and either raise age recommendations for computer games with this type of content, or at least give parents better information, Meek writes in an email.

Meek says the Media Authority will make another attempt to raise the issue within PEGI's member body at a meeting in Dublin in November.

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